Point To Point Family Health’s mission is to provide a healing environment and comprehensive care for patients of all ages. We strive to improve our patients’ health outcomes, quality of life, and holistic wellness.
We provide high-quality, safe, evidence-based, patient-focused health care that is readily accessible, cost-effective, and meets the needs of the communities we serve.

Every provider at Point to Point Family Health is an expert in their area of specialty. We also offer assistance and referrals for a variety of other conditions.
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Dr. Marlon Hylton, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

Board Certified Doctor of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Hylton is the lead provider and the founder of Point to Point Family Health. He has over 15 years of extensive medical experience in emergency medicine, rehabilitative medicine, adult, pediatric, neonatal inpatient intensive care, medical-surgical care, oncology, and community health. In addition to his hospital experience, Dr. Hylton has a passion for primary preventative care and community health. He has provided countless individuals in various communities with the necessary guidance in accessing quality health care.

Dr. Hylton’s passion for individuals and their health has inspired him to launch Point to Point Family Health. He is committed to delivering high-quality, comprehensive, and safe patient care to all patients. He is a recipient of the Citation of Merit, presented by Ruben Diaz Jr., President of the Borough of the Bronx – for serving the community firsthand on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Hylton’s dedication to the diverse patient population in his community is unparalleled. As he always says, “At Point to Point Family Health, we treat every patient with the same respect and devotion that we would give to our family and friends.”

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Family Health – Capella University
Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner – College of New Rochelle
Lead Nurse Practitioner at the ICU / COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Clinic at North Central Bronx Hospital
Citation of Merit, presented by Ruben Diaz Jr., President of the Borough of the Bronx – for serving the community firsthand on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Citation of Recognition – presented by NYC Health & Hospital – North Central Bronx Hospital – for his efforts and dedication in providing safe, prompt diagnostic testing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rising Star Award – From Docgo Mobile Health Services – For exceptional growth and increased level of responsibility in mobile health services.

Provider Jacqueline Burke, APRN, FNP-BC

Provider Jackie is a primary care nurse practitioner, a functional nutrition specialist, and a lifestyle modification health coach.
As an expert in health promotion, disease prevention, medical nutrition therapy, functional medicine, and women’s health, she takes pride in educating and empowering everyone to take control of their health and improve their quality of life.
As a PCP, she helps her patients prevent, manage, and reverse chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, poor gut health, and obesity.
As a nutrition counselor, and lifestyle modification coach she teaches clients how to use food as medicine, IV nutrition therapy, and holistic habits to acquire optimal health.

Provider Nourdine Ada, APRN, FNP- BC

Our Commitment

To provide every patient and their loved ones with unparalleled service in an environment that is both responsive and healing. Our staff members will meet each patient’s needs or strive to find professionals who can. We always put the patients first.


With Point To Point Family Health office in Mount Vernon, you can find a skilled provider near you for all your primary care needs. We offer:
Same-day sick visits
Early, late, and weekend hours
Safe in-person appointments and video visits  
Most insurance-accepted

Seamless Access

Our providers at Point to Point Family Health seamlessly work together, share medical records, and collaborate to provide the best-personalized recommendations. For specialized care, our team may refer you to specialists, such as a cardiologists, orthopedists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, and more for your continued care.

Under Video Visits

For your convenience, we offer video visits for some sick appointments and follow-ups.

A video visit is a simple, secure, and convenient way to have a visit with a provider using a mobile, computer, or tablet device.

Video visits can be used to see a primary care provider 
call the office, and they will schedule the video appointment over Zoom.

Call the office, and they will schedule the video appointment over Zoom.

The provider’s office will provide instructions on how to create an account and prepare for your video visit.

Safe-in-person Appointments

At Point To Point Family Health, we want you to feel confident about returning for your next in-person appointment.  Your health and safety are our top priority, so we have expanded our safety measures. We made several changes to protect you and our care teams. For example:

Skip the front desk and waiting room: We have a streamlined check-in process. Before you arrive, forms and co-pays will be processed remotely.  You will skip the front desk, avoid unnecessary time in the waiting room and proceed directly to the exam room.

Disinfection and Cleaning: Our location is routinely and thoroughly sanitized between each visit. 

COVID Screening: You will be prescreened for Covid-19 by answering a questionnaire before your appointment; we will take your temperature upon arrival. Please wear a mask to your appointment.

Protective equipment: Our care teams follow CDC guidelines, have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and wear it at all times. We have also established screening and testing protocols for our care teams to ensure they are entirely healthy to treat you.

Spacing out appointments: We are allowing additional time between patient appointments to minimize the number of patients in the office at one time and allow for more time to disinfect the office.